Paul Zauner's Soulful Band

Every show-night, Paul Zauner embarks on a musical journey around the world with his soulful band.

Starting in New Orleans, they strive through the Baptist Churches in the Southern, and thenthe band makes a stop at the Down Home Blues in the Southside of Chicago.

The Country version of Keith Jarrett sounds like Sweet Emma Cannonball & Nat Adderly.

Paul Zauner’s SOULFUL BAND plays improvised and varied, mixing the music of Jazz standards with traditional songs from South Africa, with a feeling of Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masakela and Harry Belafonte.

Along play Mario Rom, the new trumpet shooting star with his astounding solos on the rarely heard fluegelhorn, as well as Jan Korinek, the celebrated  Hammond magician from Prague. The fine grooves of their “soulful” performances are added by Christian Salfellner on drums.

Later on this November-December tour-leg the band shall be hosting guest-star Dwight Trible from L.A.: this vocal acrobat is one of the big black voices at presence and he is an icon of Black Vocal Music. The intensity and spirituality of his “vocalistic flights” are unparalleled. 


Line up:

Paul Zauner – tb / Mario Rom - tp, flgh / Jan Kořínek - hammond organ / Christian Salfellner –dr (and: Dwight Trible – voc)


Available: November 24 – December 7, 2016


For more information & booking:

Harald Buechel

Mob. +43 699 1101 3302

Skype: artsandmedia

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